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We Are
Elaf Fashion

Who are we?

ELAF Fashion is a leading retail company specialised in the fashion business, established and founded by ELAF GROUP in 2016, and ever since ELAF Fashion has evolved rapidly and spread throughout the region.

Ever since our establishment, we have created a solid ground partnership with many international brands, and we have built a trustworthy relationship with them, working with ten international brands at present KOTON, FLO, REDTAG, LC WAIKIKI, XTI, Civil, B&OIL, Penti, and Madame coco.

We have secured a partnership with international biggest brands and after successful openings in the last three years, now expanding into new European brands is being targeted for the coming few years. Last few years, business existence was and still is a part of achievement and victory.

With a wealth of experience handling a varied product range across diverse market segments, the International Management Team has overseen its development into a multi-channel retailer offering the region with international brand choices.

LC Waikiki

CEO Message

Our leading vision right from the start is simply to foster development and achieve a better future for all. We are starting with our employees, customers, partners and shareholders.

We are a respected, competitive, profitable business, recognised as a leader in providing Retail business; we are committed to delivering quality and high standard to our customers.

At ELAF FASHION, we are committed to creating sustainable value for all our stakeholders, customers, and to become the most trusted company in a way that makes value for business and society.

Success is our number one target.

Abdul Mutalib CEO


To maintain market leadership in the fashion retail business and after expansion in fashion retail, the new development focus to become preferred franchise partner for leading international brands for fashion retail business in the region.


To receive 100% satisfaction in all aspects, Customer, Employee, Partners, shareholders.

Offer world-class brands to customers.
To train and motivate our retail staff to exceed customer expectations and establish service standards.

Implement an aggressive growth strategy to maximise returns for all shareholders.

Culture and Values

Leadership and empowerment are two of the main core values of ELAF fashion Success are achieved and maintained by those who try and keep trying.

We motivate and inspire our staff to bring the best in them; we take the obstacles and turn them into challenges.

ELAF Fashion, a symbol of strength and determination, has continually set new benchmarks for innovation and excellence, Symbolizing trust, passion, integrity, and reliability.


Sustain and Profitable growth & Expansion in Prime growth sectors, creating value risk diversification.

Long term partnership exceeding, expectations, transparency, and upfront investment.


Employer of choice, respect employees, provide them with the right work environment and ensure career development with rewarding packages.


End-user satisfaction and value-added products and services.

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  • Tripoli

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Behind the Scene

We continually invest in a strong organisation that can effectively manage the complex product mix we sell and support our business at speed. This is essential in a dynamic sector where customer habits, markets, and trends can change almost overnight.

Integrated systems and close collaboration between brand teams and logistics ensure effective supply chain management from the source through to our customers.

ELAF FASHION has built a strong international and local team and empowered it with the latest tools and technologies, and the results are astonishing.

ELAF FASHION has always believed in training and development, set a fantastic plan for each team member throughout his career in the company. The brainstorming session is conducted regularly to bring out new ideas a flourish them.

ELAF FASHION continues to develop its team to deliver the best of what top global companies offer by attracting expertise and establishing partnerships that enhance returns of investment and makes a difference in the fields of retail fashion.

Merchandising & Commercial Team

Our team carefully selects the merchandise to fit market demanded, good quality, excellent price with maximising profit.


Our operation team connects both commercial and supply chain to ensure smooth operation.

Supply Chain

The supply chain team is occupied with fully automated disruption centre.


In our finance department, we have the latest ERP system SAP business 1, to ensure that all other departments are linked together commercially and financially.

Human Resources

HR team always ensure that our employees are happy well trained and compensated, happy employee, equals happy customer.

Quality Control

Our team is dedicated to overseeing the running of the operations in full, a specially designed checklist to ensure that our stores comply with company and brand requirements.